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Thought Leader April Sabral shares her Leadership and Life Lessons

Hi I’m April Sabral, Founder & President of retailu.ca

I started my retail career over 20 years ago and always get asked how did I become a Senior Executive? I put it down to three things.

Hard Work, Mentorship, and Attitude

I had amazing mentors and leaders along the way that helped me develop my own leadership style. And I worked really hard. This blog is where I share lessons learned, leadership tips and practical skills that can be used when managing any team. I hope this inspires you to be the best boss you can be.

April Sabral
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April was also featured in the eBook Your Turn, curated by Melody Adhami, president of Plastic Mobile. To celebrate 150 years of Canada she asked 150 women leaders across the country to share their words of wisdom for the next generation of leaders so that when it’s their turn, they take it.