I have a vision that everyone everywhere will feel valued....

I was watching Simon Sinek yesterday, he is very clear on his mission and talks about it openly in most of his youtube videos which I admire. This took me a long time to articulate.

As I sat there and listened intently, it dawned on me I have never really shared what my purpose or mission is...

I find it funny what other people's perceptions are, from the outside looking in at my life you would think that my mission has been to climb the corporate ladder and make it to the top which multiple people have told me...which I am not surprised by as I have done very well and achieved a lot in my retail career compared to most from PT sales person to VP. However, when I think and contemplate about my younger self (in my early twenties), If you had asked me back then what I wanted to do with my life, I would have never told you what ended up playing out over twenty-five years Iater.

I knew that I always loved helping people and also enjoyed assisting those that were underestimated by others for some reason.

Working in retail you are almost already underestimated daily. Customers assumed that because I worked full time in a retail store that I most likely didn't go to school and were of a particular type of person. I learned a lot back then, and those early retail lessons back in the UK have been invaluable to me. I learned who I liked working for and who I didn't. Once I started being promoted to manager I made it my mission to aways be the best boss, and teach others that have this responsibility to do the same.
My mission is and always has been to help people feel valued.

But what does this mean? To help people feel important... that their voice matters, and that they have something to contribute to what ever it is that they want to be part of, as I believe that each person is unique and important. And when nurtured it becomes easier for them to find their uniqueness and gift to the world.

When I lead a team, making people feel valued is something that is non-negotiable for me.

Treating people fairly and like "you want to be treated" is one thing, but listening understanding and learning how "they want to be treated" is far more motivating to most people but much harder for most leaders to achieve.

I want every person on my team to feel valued and then in turn every person on their team to feel as such. I talk about this all the time with my leadership team.

This may sound like a goal that is far bigger than me, and it is, and I am aware I can not control or influence how people chose to be treated by the closest people to them. However being someone's boss most likely has the next most significant direct impact on their life experience. Knowing this I find it even more critical; we help our employees feel valued.

I believe that every person who is someone's boss has a huge responsibility and needs to become aware of what a massive role they play in peoples lives. Not only their work life but their home life.

When people are happy at work, we know that it translates into happiness in their life which then transforms their personal experience. And when people are more satisfied in their own life, they will achieve more, help more and encourage others to spend time on what is essential. More joyous activities that make them happy.

There is nothing worse in life than working for a boss that does not value you. I have been there, and it takes over your life, your family and your friends.

This is why my life's mission is and always will be to teach bosses how to be better bosses through leadership, communication and connection skills.
If you are reading this and wonder how to make people feel valued and why you should? Then let me explain how...

To start making your employees feel valued, start with listening more than you speak. There is a great quote that says "Be interested and amazed, not interesting and amazing." What this does is put you in the mindset of valuing others. When someone on your team shares something amazing, your job is to encourage this by being amazed and interested not to steal the moment by sharing something that diminishes their accomplishment or idea even if you think yours is better.
Think about what the word value means; it means worth, usefulness, good, significant, importance. And when you apply these synonyms to people that work for you to help them feel valued it starts by recognizing their worth and contribution. Always tell them what they do has significance and appreciate them for it. And no matter what always make them feel important.
This may sound easy however I can tell you that it's not and most bosses miss this entirely because they are not able to put their agendas to the side and be present and speak to others with no judgement or assumptions. Most managers think that they should know everything do everything and have an answer for everything this is sooo missing the mark!

Most people that are someone's boss don't truly understand the role they play in the life cycle of their employees lives beyond the workplace.
If you are reading this post, I challenge you to focus your efforts on helping people on your team feel valued this week, by doing this I can almost guarantee 100% that the productivity, teamwork and commitment of your team will improve but more than that you will have made a difference to someone's life beyond clocking in and clocking out and that is far more valuable than anything you could ever give someone.

Does this resonate with you?

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