ICAN... is smarter than IQ, and our attitude towards "ICAN" shapes our experiences and results in life.

I genuinely believe this and have seen this in my own life.

When I sit and mentor other leaders, business owners or people there are two pieces of advice I give;

  • If you think you "CAN", then you WILL.
  • Find someone that is doing or has done the job that you want and then go ask them how they did it.

I am a very curious person who asks a ton of questions, the reason for this is I want to learn.
Yesterday I spent my afternoon with two women that I met a couple of weeks ago. I met them while attending a weekly meditation in a Buddhist Temple in Toronto. (I found it one day driving home from a friends house that is on the next street and decided to try it.)
Once a week I sit for 30 minutes in quiet and consciously watch my thoughts and learn to pay attention to them as well as let them go especially the ones that don't align with my ICAN.

One of the women I was with yesterday leads the meditation, and the other participates. Through sitting and drinking tea at the end of the meditation, they asked if I would listen to their idea for a workshop and give them some coaching on public speaking. And as others have always helped me, of course I said yes. It was a fantastic afternoon I learned so much about their lives.

They asked me to share the experience that put me on the path to coaching. I recalled a story that I had forgotten about until yesterday, that happened over nine years ago in Toronto.

In 2010 I was a regional manager, and I remember people telling me that I gave good advice and that I should become a life coach. I had no idea what a life coach was, and so I googled it. A man in Toronto who was titled "Life Coach" popped up at the top of the search, so I decided to call him and ask him what he did. He invited me to his office where we sat and chatted for almost two hours, he gave me valuable advice and passed on his wisdom and experience as a coach. Which now looking back was one of the kick starters that got me to take my coaching certification with the Maxwell team. Later after sitting with him, I was watching a show called "style by jury," and he was the life coach on this show...WOW ... I had no idea when I met him, he didn't tell me this. He focused on answering my questions and asking me lots of questions in return. He made me think about what kind of coach I wanted to be. I left knowing that life coaching was not for me, however leadership coaching and continuing in my current career as well as elevating my coaching skills was the way to go.

Almost four years after this I had moved on from my regional manager role and was working in another company, as a director of sales when a posting for director of learning came up in the hr team and being so passionate about coaching, education and development I decided to ask the HR manager at the time if this is something I could apply for. She told me that as I had no formal education in learning that I would never be able to get a job like this. Again this fueled me to use my ICAN, not my IQ.
These experiences were crucial to what happened next. I decided to look for a certificate or education in coaching. Thus the John C. Maxwell team which I stumbled on skimming facebook.
This gave me the training, confidence and knowledge of professional coaching and leadership development. It gave me a mentorship program and tools and resources to become a better leader. It gave me other like-minded people to connect with.
When people tell me I can't, or it will never happen my ICAN turns on and i get to it.

So how do you turn on your ICAN? Here is a list of what I do to kick start it.

  • I stop using your IQ and intellect. One thing I do is write a list of what I can do to get closer to the reality I actually want.
  • I listen to my thoughts and say I can, instead of I can't multiple times an hour.
  • I try something new to trick my brain into believing anything is possible.
  • I write down ICAN do...minimum ten times in a journal.
  • I find someone that has done it and ask them how.
  • I stop doubting myself and start appreciating what I can already do.
  • I learn something that I didn't know, and it helps me feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • I write down what I have overcome lately to reinforce ICAN.

More powerful and smarter than any IQ are people that use there ICAN, will versus skill will always win over in my book. I challenge you to do something you never thought was possible and get your ICAN ready for 2019.

Thanks for reading, hope this BLOG inspires you to say I CAN,