How to be a Successful Field Leader (Multi-Site)

Everything you need to know about managing multiple sites and leading from afar

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We are so excited to launch our multi site leadership training program.

Most managers do not make it to multi-site management because there is a lack of training for this level in the retail eco system, you are lucky if you work for someone that develops your skills by giving stretch assignments and delegates some tasks to get you ready for a District Manager position.

However, even when this happens it’s a huge learning curve and one that can be lessened with the right training.

This program is a full training program for managers that want to become field leaders and for those that are already in the role and are looking to improve their skills and more training.

This is our most exciting course yet. And well needed. This is what every District Manger needs to know.

With over 1 hour of Audio, Video and a Coaching Guide to accompany the course. You will learn what high performing District Managers do on the job, and tips to develop your own skills.


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Gain Access For $225

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