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This Holiday will be memorable, it is our first social distancing Holiday season. Holiday is a special time of year, it is a time when customers shop for their loved ones and colleagues. It is hard to know what to expect, so Pivoting will be Key to your success. Also empowering your team to problem solve, and pivot will be essential to your store’s results.

In this microlearning, we have put together 6 video lessons that are under four minutes each, using our LOD (LEARN ONE-thing-a DAY) to support your team WIN in their first Covid Holiday.

Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • How to manage complexity and keep things simple (KIS)
  • How to problem-solve in the moment
  • Tips on keeping your team motivated and inspired
  • Ideas to focus on your team’s health and wellness
  • How to keep your energy up
  • How to master delegation and empower your team

Included in this course are PDF’s and Scripts to help navigate customers issues, and energy tune-up worksheet for yourself to keep you healthy, along with a prioritizing worksheet. Our courses are short learning bursts built for busy managers to WIN this Holiday Season. This will be a challenging Holiday, set your team up for success learn how to PIVOT and navigate through this first-ever COVID HOLIDAY with this retailu course.

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