What if your District Managers could focus on coaching and developing their teams instead of creating content. After creating hundreds of leadership development programs during a 25-year career leading field operations (because we couldn’t find retail specific courses) we created the retailu LOD method. retailu courses are effective leadership programs that are easily adopted by store teams and district managers. Our LOD method guides your team through micro video lessons, with discussion guides, assessments, and workbooks that can be led by district managers with their store managers, or directors to create professional development programs that drive results.

Investing in your team is guaranteed to improve your results. Giving your team the right leadership programs, so they don’t have to piece articles, ted talks, and other random pieces of content together will save them time and create leadership language consistency throughout your organization. 


“People build brands; we build people”  April Sabral – Founder retailu  



Here’s how it works;

Choose between the annual membership or lifetime access to a specific course. Best value – Annual membership, access to all retailu courses, even new ones when they launch and all French versions of each course. Set up your account when you buy the plan that is right for you. Keep your login info; we are a membership site just like Netflix. If you are a company, who wants to buy access for your team, contact us HERE to find about group discounts.

Follow our top tips for leader-led learning;

  • Schedule 15 minutes of your weekly team/sales conference call to discuss leadership development.
  • Assign team members with one video lesson (4 minutes). Then complete the workbook activity, make notes to share lessons learned and results/action taken on your next weekly call.
  • Set the expectation to watch one video per week, complete an activity, make notes, and be prepared to discuss weekly conference calls.
  • Top Tip: Mix it up, assign different managers to discuss learnings on your weekly call.


You must discuss each lesson as a team weekly; breaking down the retailu course makes it easy while operationalizing leadership development into your every day!



Here’s how to use our Learn One-thing-a Day

Hear how our clients used the leader-led learning method

“RetailU is the best learning and development platforms for busy high demand retail environments because it has quick, informative course models and focuses on what’s important. I’m privileged to lead a group of experienced magnetic leaders in a fast paced environment. I’m always looking for ways to provide effective development options. RetailU has extensive program content which has allowed me to build professional development in to our weekly schedule and goals. I assigned one course a week. We would complete the course and I would host a half hour zoom meeting to discuss the lesson. Then review the questions in the guide and then suggest how we would use or have used the lesson in real life.  RetailUs impact on the team was so beneficial we have now extended some courses to the store leadership level. Supervisors and managers have taken the courses and use them as reference material when coaching and developing our teams”. 

Adrienne Thompson

Regional Director Ardene

The reason why we selected retailu is that it can be adapted to our audience of district managers. The short videos and content speak to store employees. This program generated new ideas on their return to work. Also, the benefit of having the District Supervisors review the same content created consistency in our stores across the country and is creating synergy within the teams”.

Martine Lamoureux

Director HR Operations/Talent Managment Ardene

As the Pandemic limited many activities and regular store visits, we were looking for a solution to keep our teams engaged and productive. We focused on developing and building our managers’ essential skills to enable them to go back to work stronger than ever. The win was being able to access content immediately and remotely. This allowed the internal field teams the opportunity to conduct zoom calls to review and discuss the courses and how they can impact each in-store team. The courses gave our team the ability to engage, refresh and coach the store teams. It was an excellent addition to the in-store coaching and would be using these courses again.” 

Jason Sanderson

CEO, Huddle Group Inc, Pandora

“retailu is a great tool that delivers important information without taking lots of time to complete.  I’ve been able to identify quite a few areas for improvement in myself just from this resource making me more aware of how I approach certain situations. Love it!” 

Claudie Turcotte

District Manager, Ardene

 “So far I am finding that it is a very good refresher for those of us that have been in the industry for years, as well as great for teaching us new skills that work better in the more modern retail age. 
I wish I had a resource like this when I began my career as District Manager. The videos are clear, concise and debunk some theories as well as give excellent tips on time management and executing effective and efficient store visits.” 

Diane Raymond

District Manager, Ardene

I highly recommend RetailU, it is an amazing leadership training program. Whether you are looking for self development or seeking resources to support your teams development, this is the platform for you”.

Miriam Rodriguez

Regional Manager, LuLu Lemon

“As a Senior Regional Director leading a large and diverse retail managerial team across Canada, I can assure you that there is nothing out there that comes even close to RetailU in terms of efficiency, diversity of content and relevance, delivering an instant big return on a small investment.
I’ve been looking for years for such quality content and the feedback from my team is unanimous, these courses are awesome and so on point for anyone wanting to consolidate and expand their leadership and retail skills. My team and I highly recommend RetailU, any leader wanting to offer an additional edge to their team should provide them with access immediately ! And if you want to learn or perfect any aspects of retailing, it’s the best thing out there to further your career, I highly recommend it !

Paul LeBlanc

Regional Director, Ardene

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