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Our mission is simple; We want to inspire companies to invest in their best asset-their people by making learning accessible, fun, affordable and relevant.

Every day businesses rely on managers to drive results. At retailu we believe people drive results and leaders drive people.

We make leadership development accessible, fun and affordable through the use of technology and mobile. Putting it in the hands of your people.

Our team gets it with over fifty years of combined experience in retail sales and operations we know retailu is the best resource out there.

We believe engaged employees create engaging customer experiences, which is only possible through engaged leaders. We believe in the power of development and what this can do for your business.

We are fast becoming the choice of retail brands as we have outpaced the content, positioning and technology of previously popular retail training providers. We are CURRENT, ON POINT and more AFFORDABLE.

People build brands, we build people.


Meet April Sabral, founder and President of retailu.

“I started my retail career as a part-time sales associate in London (UK). Like most working in retail, I thought about what it was I should be doing; and as the years passed my retail career grew from sales to manager to Vice President of Sales and Operations for a national Canadian retailer. Now as Founder and President of retailu, my mission is to provide leadership development at an affordable price making it accessible to all retail managers. I know what operations people want to be better at their job after leading them for 25 years. And succession planning team members throughout my time in field operations.

I have had the pleasure of working for many established brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Starbucks, Apple, Holt Renfrew and other privately-owned Canadian retailers. I am highly passionate about what I do, and I have a proven track record of developing teams to their highest potential.

We thought about you when we built retailu. Knowing that retail hours can be long or unpredictable, retailu is accessible on your phone so you can learn on the go! You can learn at your own pace, or network with other retail managers to find solutions and coaching for your most significant challenges.”

Want to transform your team? Then transform your leadership. I provide leadership coaching to retail leaders helping them develop results-driven performing teams, through transformational leadership coaching. Having led a team of National Directors, I know how to help your Directors and District Managers maximize their team’s potential.

April is also a guest speaker at national retail conferences. To book please email info@retailu.ca or connect with her on Linkedin.

Listen to April on the Running Great Stores Podcast

In my first ever leadership book, I share my 3-step Leadership method called how to ACT, lead with awareness. (Accept-Create-Teach) as a way of being.

I take you through my retail journey, life lessons and give practical examples that you can act on. The ACT leadership method can be applied to your personal and business life, this is why people are loving it!

 Grab your copy at AMAZON today. It is available in all countries.

Meet Jane Shannan, Director of Content and Operations.

Jane is an Operational GURU with an eye for detail.

From an early age, Jane loved retail. Her first retail job was in Barnsley UK as a sales associate at the iconic brand Marks & Spencer. She quickly progressed and was promoted due to her drive for results and organizational skills. Jane has worked in various sales and operations leadership roles over the years and believes to win in retail, organization, good communication and clear strategies matter. Her expertise is in organizing, process, and productivity improvement. Jane understands what it takes to run a retail store, as she has done it many times.

Jane is responsible for all content and marketing at retailu and keeping us all organized!

To contact Jane, email her @ Jane@retailu.ca

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