What is exceptional service? Let us show you in this course.

Despite living in a world where it feels like everyone is shopping online, did you know that a recent survey discovered most customers still prefer to shop with personal experience? The study shows that customers buying online have five times more irritations than shopping in a store.

Yes, customer service and selling are very much still alive!

Experiential retail is the new buzzword of this century, and as we continue to build on experiences, the most important one is that of your team with your customers.

After this course, your team will be building relationships that matter. They'll understand their impact on the business, how to create meaningful experiences for your customers, and will continue to develop their relationship selling skills.

This course is for anyone that wants to learn and develop their selling skills beyond greeting, adding on, and closing the sale!

Being Mindful is something that every person should practice, it helps us anticipates others needs and be there to provide the service that each customer needs.

Every customer is slightly different being mindful will help you build better relationships and therefor long term loyalty and improved sales results.

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