Skill Building Courses for Your Retail Career

Assistant Manager

Become an Inspiration and Transformational Leader by mastering communication.

District Manager

Learn to inspire and motivate a team with strong communication skills.

Store Manager

Build an effective team through coaching and developing others.


Manage conflict within a team with root cause problem solving.

Winning retail teams all have something in common, strong leaders. Our courses focus on developing core competencies that improve your manager’s leadership skills so that they can drive strong results.

Whether you have a large or small group of Directors, District Managers or Store Managers, retailu can tailor and provide leadership development to suit your culture, goals, budgets and, most importantly, your people. From our competency LOD (Learn One-thing-a Day) method micro-lessons to custom-built programs. We make leadership development fun, accessible and affordable for any size retailer and the individual career-driven manager.

April Sabral

Founder of retailu

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Our online competency courses are simple and easy to action. Each course includes video lessons, an activity-based workbook, a multiple-choice quiz and earns you a retailu certificate.  Whether you are looking to succession plan your top talent or provide leadership development that’s relevant to retail leaders we have got you covered. Our courses are unlike other retail training that only focuses on selling and operations, because we build your manager’s core competencies like problem-solving, managing conflict, communication skills, building resilience, empathy and more. 

After leading operations for over 20 years, we know what your team needs. Simple short micro-lessons with less text, and fancy drag and drops. Who has time for that?  Oh and after working in Montreal for half our retail career, we translated courses into FRENCH for you, saving you translation costs. We even give you operational guides and recommendations on how to implement. Accessing retailu courses for your team is easy; contact us. 

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Our Students LOVE retailu


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