Our mission is simple to reinvent retail education and develop your future leaders

Investing in your people is something you should be thinking about, today’s retail leaders are the glue between the online and store experience  

Are you searching for quality retail leadership training?

We got you covered. At retailu we save you time and money, and with no integration needed, accessing retailu courses is easy.  Unlike other retail training that only focuses on selling and operations, we build your manager’s core competencies like problem-solving, managing conflict, communication skills, building resilience, empathy, building high performing teams, wellness at work and more. 

Each course includes micro-video lessons, an activity-based workbook, scripts, audio files, a multiple-choice quiz and earns you a retailu certificate. Translated into French so you don’t have to. To learn more select between self-directed, leader-Led and Onboarding below, or schedule a discovery call with our team.



This is for the individual career-driven person that wants to further their career in retail. LEARN MORE


Set up your managers for success form the get-go. Add to your onboarding training program. 

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This is perfect for District Managers leading a group of store managers.  LEARN MORE


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Targeted skill-building courses by role and competency


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Winning retail teams all have something in common, strong leaders. It is not enough to train operational duties and processes today. You could be putting your business at risk by leaving your team without a skilled leader. Today’s leaders need to manage the complexity of an in-store and online customer experience while showing their employee’s empathy and care. This requires skilled leadership now more than ever before. Our mission is to reinvent retail education by simplifying it while making it affordable for all.

April Sabral

Founder, retailu