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Welcome to retailu.

Whether you are a retail organization that wants to retain and reward top employees by providing clear career planning or an individual that wants to grow your career and learn new skills retailu provides access to skill-building and ongoing leadership development courses that focus on building core competencies.

After three decades of leading Sales and Operations teams from the sales floor to Vice President of a national retail chain in Canada, I understand what it takes to create high performing retail teams. This is why I built retailu.  retailu’s course library is full of best practices that I used with my teams and knowledge I gained along the way.

When your retail management teams elevate how they lead, your results will only get better. We make leadership development, fun, accessible and affordable for any size retailer. We provide reporting, certificates with rated quiz scores to track progress and measure results. 

What makes retailu different from any other training?  Our expert-led courses are built by real retail people that have done the job!

We are on a mission to inspire retailers to value their biggest asset, their people. 

Contact us today and let our team transform yours.

PEOPLE BUILD BRANDS, WE BUILD PEOPLE   April Sabral    Founder and President of retailu

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Leading through adversity, is this the new norm?

As the world keeps changing, so must our leadership. For the past five years, retail has been shifting and learning how to be agile is a core competency that every leader needs to develop. What we...

There is a fine line between influencing and manipulating.

Do you ever find your self in a situation where you question your self and ask, "Am I crazy? Is it me?" Manipulation versus Influence the difference is very subtle; however, there is a difference....

Tips to recruit and retain talent in todays retail landscape.

Great staff is hard to find. But so is holding on to them. Are you a retail manager that is trying to figure out how to retain and recruit a fantastic team? Hiring and staffing are one of the...

Are you lacking confidence because of your job?

        Coaching is critical to the well being of every human on the planet. Whether you are someone who requires support with weight loss, developing leadership skills or...

How do you know if you are stuck in your comfort zone? Ask yourself these nine questions?

Last week I took my son to Orlando, Florida, to attend his second year in high school. As I watched him unpack the car, I was amazed at how easily he adapted to a new home, a new family and a new...

Have you ever been given feedback that you are negative?

How do you get your point across in a way that helps others listen? Has this ever happened to you? You provide feedback that is critical for the success of an initiative only to be met with...





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