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How to be a Successful Field Leader (Mul...

We are so excited to launch our multi site leadership training program. Most managers d...

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How to Develop Talent & Sucession P...

Having the right people is the foundation of a successful business. This course will teach...

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Mindful Selling

What is exceptional service? Let us show you in this course. Despite living in a world ...

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Be a transformational leader, lead, inspire and cultivate an engaged culture.

District Manager

Learn how to manage from afar, balance priorities and attract top talent.

Store Manager

Build an effective team through coaching and developing others.

Assistant Manager

Develop your ability to manage people, take on more and grow your leadership.

.People build businesses;. .we build people..

We are on a mission to inspire retailers to value their biggest asset, their people.

When your retail management teams elevate how they lead, your results will only get better!

We make leadership development, fun, accessible and affordable for any size retailer. We provide reporting, certificates with rated quiz scores to track progress and measure results.

Whether you are a retail organization that wants to retain and reward top employees by providing clear career planning or an individual that wants to grow your career and learn new skills retailu provides access to a community of retail leaders and practical online training that will get you there.

Retail is such a rewarding and dynamic career. You will learn necessary skills required to work within retail operations, human resources, visual merchandising, buying and much more. What makes retailu different? Our courses are written by experienced & passionate retail professionals that have done the job. 

Contact us today and let our team transform yours.

April Sabral

Founder and President of retailu

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